Amadeus Matt

Early Amadeus models were supplied with a vinyl coated foam plastic matt. Unfortunately, we
could not guarantee the consistency of this material. After many hours and almost as many variables of matt materials we have concluded that the current version suits our design and sounds excellent. The current matt is slightly different in appearence to that in the photo’s used on our website.

~ by welltemperedlab on November 20, 2008.

One Response to “Amadeus Matt”

  1. Love the newest matt- it’s the best yet. Lowers the noise floor without deadening the music. The music just stands out in relief. It does tend to be a little staticky, at least mine is, but with the cold coming on and the furnace blowing, it’s probably to be expected. It will come off from time to time on your lp- maybe a little double stick tape is in order, although, i wouldn’t want anything to mess with the sound I’m achieving. An unbelievable product overall!
    Product of the Year! just you wait…..

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