Versalex article on Audio T Blog

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UK Well Tempered Lab stockist Audio-T have written a very insightful article on the Versalex turntable

Click here to read the article 

Introducing the Versalex Turntable and LTD Tonearm

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The Well Tempered Lab Versalex Turntable and LTD Tonearm are now shipping world-wide. We are very proud of this model more especially for the rather elegant LTD Tonearm which we believe takes William Firebaugh’s original design to new heights of functionality and performance.

The LTD Tonearm will be available as a separate item and enables countless vinyl lovers to experience the Well Tempered Lab philosophies and give their cartridge “the ride of its life”. The Well Tempered Lab Versalex ships only pre drilled for the LTD tonearm. We do not envisage making the Versalex for any other tonearm.

Versalex Turntable

– A multilayer “Baltic” plywood plinth with Walnut veneered top surface (Baltic plywood has natural resonances that also results in a very natural “EQ”. It is therefore very suitable for our purposes, however it is a product of nature and minor transgressions in grain are to be expected).

– Pre-drilled with inserts to facilitate easy mounting of LTD Tonearm.

LTD Tonearm
– Variable Damping.
– Separate Phono Inputs (RCA).
– Hydraulic Cueing device.

Well Tempered DPS Power Supply

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We are pleased to introduce the new power supply for Well Tempered turntables. The DPS (Dedicated Power Supply) features high quality components throughout to completely eradicate spurious noise for truly silent analog playback.

Along with the dedicated output for Well Tempered turntables (Amadeus & Simplex variants) the DPS also features a pair of additional 12v outputs for running other audiophile components such as phono stages.

The DPS is shipping now – please contact your local distributor for pricing and availability.

Stanalog Audio Inc

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Disclaimer: Here at the Genuine Well Tempered Lab, we receive a continuous stream of complaints regarding Stanalog Audio Inc and the website. We do not endorse this organisation and advise a “buyer beware” approach to Stanalog Audio Inc.

Amadeus Wins 2010 Blue Moon Award

•January 19, 2011 • Comments Off

The Well Tempered Amadeus has won a 2010 Blue Moon Award from online publication for “innovation, ease of use and superb musicality”

The full review is available here:

First Simplex Review Now Online

•September 14, 2010 • Comments Off

The Simplex has just received a very favourable world first review on

“the Simplex is ultimately an extremely focussed, coherent and superb sounding piece of audio gear at a compelling price.”

Full review available here.

Well Tempered Lab Introduces the Simplex

•June 10, 2010 • Comments Off

The epitome of William Firebaugh’s creative genius. A stripped-down version of the renowned Amadeus, this new turntable/tonearm combination will set new standards of analog playback in the value-for-money sector.

New Features:

– Tonearm tube is directly coupled to the Golf ball.

– On/Off switch is placed at the rear of the plinth.

– Audio and Motor control electronics are completely separated.

– Our beloved squash ball isolation feet are also directly coupled to the plinth

– In the words of our chief designer – William Firebaugh, “This is my all-time favorite turntable”.


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